Freight Claim


The deadline for filing any claim for damage or shortage is nine (9) months from the date of delivery regardless of whether the damage is hidden or noted on the proof of delivery. All claims filed after the claim deadline will be denied. To file a claim, contact the Claims Department at our main office in Hopedale, MA or email

If damage to the freight is discovered, a complete description of the damage must be noted on the freight bill. We will not accept notations such as "subject to later inspection" or "condition of contents unknown" without prior authorization from our Claims Department. Any damage incurred because of inadequate packing will be the responsibility of the shipper and not Braun's Express.

If damage is discovered and no notations were made on the shipping documents provided by the driver, the damage must be reported to our Claims Department no later than fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery. All damaged items must be kept at the same location that they were delivered to. The original carton, container or packing must be retained for pickup or inspection.

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